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I am Kath, a 44 year old lady who has a huge amount of weight to lose, 128kg (281lb) to be exact

I have 7 cherubs

Lacey                23

Rhys                 22

Lleyton             17

Cienna              14

Dimity               10

Brighton (B)      8

Jovee` (Jj)        5

I have been with Ross my husband  for 28years, we have just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

I decided after many (26 years) of dieting that my health was getting worse, so I decided to have an operation…….Gastric sleeve. i had this op on the 18th October 2014

My blog is named Tranquility Road as I believe, that although it will be a hard and long journey, I will on this journey find peace with myself on the way.

Please feel free to drop me a email anytime at





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