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  1. Hi there Kathie
    I’m glad you posted on my thread today as I used to read your posts frequently when I was blogging…and I’m blogging once more after a long absence, and loving it. It’s hard to lose when you’re not in the right space to lose. Confusion is so distracting…but once you make up your mind, just go for it! I’m glad to say I’ve got my head in the right space at last after gaining back most of what I’d lost a few years ago (2208-2009). I’m enjoying ProPoints – losing it more slowly than the first time but have more points up my sleeve for going out etc….I’ll be looking forward to your next post xx

  2. Kathie–what about ur meds? You know I am a counsellor by profession, so I deal with this quite a bit. Are u on the best anti-depressant for u or on any after baby? With the amount of resources u have going out daily u need to protect ur mental health. Make sure u take a multi vitamin with folic acid, b vitamins, and omega 3. They all work to promote good mental health. What about ur diabetes? Blood sugar can send ur emotions all over the map.

    Re: diet plan. Ww is probably best until u can lose for 6 months. Because if u can’t change ur eating habits there is no point in doing surgery. You still have to follow a very strict diet.

    Love u! Always here if u want to talk. We could do e-therapy. 🙂

  3. Your back! Ive been up down and all around as well with my weight loss. Im even considering going back to the banding specialist to see if i can get my band put back in. Its so frustrating right???? Like you all i want to do is lose weight yet i seem to do is gain. A few months back i was running 5 kms 3 times a week and now it just seems to hard. SO SO SO over it. How did you diet coke and chocolate challenge end up? I failed. haha. Hope all is well.. Bee xx

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