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  1. when we fall off – we get straight back on and start again!!
    it is better to fail trying than to fail not having tried!!

  2. They grow up so fast don’t they? Sounds like he really loved the special attention he got (and deserved) for his birthday. How did you go with your doctors visit for JJ?

    As to weight loss, you know what i’m going to say before I even say it – it’s what you do next that matters – the past is exactly that, in the past – DON’T let it dictate your present or your future! Gains are always tough to deal with but as long as you continue you’re succeeding!!

    Weigh in again in the morning my friend – own that number whatever it says and move on to another week ahead. Remember you told me we would do this TOGETHER!

    Have things settled down with your meds now?

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