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Wednesday 7th March 2012


  1. That is the cutest skirt on the cutest baby girl ever!! Glad to hear that you are still going strong. You’ll be fine tomorrow just remember why you are going! 🙂 And be sure to tell me all the information you learn. I’d go with you to that one if I were there.

  2. the photo doesnt do the skirt justice…and I will email with all the info…. It costs a bit here to get a itouch but if you are going home ….grab one and a ipad they are suppose to be great for autism… I dont give B his all the time I loaded a few movies and if I need to shop or travel in peace I give it to him and he likes the autistic games I have loaded on it

  3. It’s nothing to do with the skirt, it’s the beautiful girl inside it 🙂 She would make anything look gorgeous!

    I get the comfort zone thing, and I get how hard it was to face without chocolate – but I’m hoping you did it! And saw it for the VICTORY that it was!

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