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  1. I love that you are thinking and processing. That’s good! It’s takes a strong mental decision to be successful in a big task like changing one’s life. Two things about the lapband–(sorry to be one of those people with an opinion)

    –the bariatric program usually makes you prove you can lose weight and exercise for 6 months before they will do the surgery. If you can do that, why not just do it. Surgery doesn’t fix the problem, you still have to be disciplined and sick to the diet plan.

    –my sweet sister has had 3 weight loss surgeries. First the balloon, then the band, then the duodenal switch. The 3rd one nearly killed her during the procedure and is still making her sick. She did finally lose about 50 kg, but has been steadily gaining it back. It has wrecked her kidneys and she still over eats, eats around her tiny stomach, and never effectively conquered her eating issues.

    As a friend, counsellor, and overweight girl I would encourage you to stick with WW. It’s about changing your life. Find a counsellor, I’m sure there is funding for that in Oz (there is here). And pray. All hard things to do with the depression mixed in, but your weight and the depression do not exist exculsively of each other.

    I know that you can be very determined and strong when you want something (like having baby no. 7 before the deadline). You can conquer this Kathie, it’s not impossible.

    Love you!

  2. I’m not sure how i came across your blog but regardless i did. Good luck with giving up chocolate. I have had it everyday this week ek. I had a lap band put in about 6 years ago and had complications and they had to take it out 4 years ago. It almost took my life so please please look into it. When i looked into it all i read was weight loss – weight loss as its all i wanted to see. It helped yes I have since put back on most of the weight i lost and am now almost 100kgs again. Your post has inspired me to not eat chocolate today and in fact im going to try and give it up for March!!! Take Care. B

  3. Hi Belinda
    Welcome to my life 🙂
    How did you go with no choc?
    lets both go without choc for March eh?
    What do you reckon?

  4. Proud of you hun … sometimes going with what you know best is the easiest option and at least Weight Watchers is familiar to you. As to the no chocolate, no diet coke policy – I KNOW you can do it. Have you prepared for the times when it gets harder? Perhaps type up the reasons you’re giving it up and put it on you fridge so it’s there as a reminder when stress rears its head! I have so much belief and faith in you – you deserve to succeed and I believe you will.

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