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I am still alive…………


  1. Oh Kathie–praying for you! Depression is a very hard thing. Do you go to a counsellor? Not just because I am one, but the most effective treatment for depression is meds+counselling. Sorry that you are sick too and the babies. Drink lots of water, rest all you can, and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. No Bonnie ….havent done counselling yet (only been 20years ) I was going to see someone but my Dr wants to get the meds working first then counselling that sounds fair to me …..

  3. Darling, if I could take away your pain, I would. Remember where I am, I am a friend that can at least listen and be a shoulder to cry on. Martine x

  4. Ya poor girl, I know all about depression too… and bloody weight issues.
    It makes life suck big time.

    BUT… you can turn it around IF YOU REALY, REALLY WANT TO.
    But .. it is hard.
    And it is really hard to just make a start and do it.
    I hope you can do it.

    I had to sink to my lowest before I found the strength to really want to lose the weight.

    Are you miserable enough? I was almost suicidal before I actually went to WW’s and did it!

  5. OH … let me just tell you this:

    the minute I went to WW and started losing weight, my depression WENT AWAY! Totally gone.
    My mood lifted and I looked forward to every day… cos every day I knew I would lose weight and I would feel better about myself.

    My depression was PRIMARILY caused by my own self loathing about my weight!

    Sure other factors were involved, but still… losing weight made EVERYTHING else bearable, and I could cope with problems so much better!

    God I hope you can do it girl…. cos you have no idea how good you will feel.

    And saying that, F&#k I need to lose weight! LOL

    Lets do it together eh?

  6. Chris lets….. I know what you mean too cause I have suffered severe PND after every baby but one …..Cienna …… why did I not get it with her she was baby number 4 ….. Well with Cienna I came home from the hospital and went straight on eating for WW and exercise and I never got depression with her…. Well that says a lot to me .

  7. Oh Kathie – I’m sorry that you have been so low. I hope you’ve hit the bottom and are bouncing back up now – reaching out is the first step. Remember, getting there will take lots of small steps…… not only one day at a time, but one hour. You CAN do it, and we’ll all do it with you.

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