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The day I have waited 3 years and 2 months for


  1. Remember where I am, my family as you know has a nephew with Severe autism. Austism NSW have been good to my parents, with advice etc. When things settle down, I will ring you. Nick is delayed developmentally as well. You will get through this, it is important for Brighton’s siblings to be aware of the situation but will chat to you about this when you are ready to speak. You know I just love Brighton, even more now. I will get some names and information from Mum. As well they say that diet can help – gluten free. Remember where am, we may not have meet but I think we are now great friends. Love Martine xx

  2. Wow–it is good to have a diagnosis so that he get all the help he needs. We have our appt next week to find out the results for the first of Ian’s tests. Don’t be too worried about the mild delay. I really believe that with hard work, help from Mum and Dad, and prayer–kids can make up amazing deficits. You can do it Mum! Hope your headache is better soon.

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