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  1. You DESERVE this – not so much the surgery but the weight loss and the confidence it will bring you. You’re such a giving, caring person that you need to remember to give and care for yourself.

    I know only too well about self-sabotage, I lost 38kgs before my wedding and piled most of it back on, for me it’s all about not having anything to blame anymore. As long as i’m fat I can blame the weight when things don’t go right in my life. But i’ve come to the conclusion that that’s not living, at least not to the full potential that I deserve (for me or my family).

    Whatever the battles or the obstacles, we need to find a way through them to appreciate how much we really do deserve to focus the time on us and do this whatever it takes – for us, for our family, for our health.

    I’ve missed reading blogs of late and i’m determined to get back into it more often and yours is a journey I REALLY look forward to following! I’m always here in your corner.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have put some thought and effort into it–knowing now that you can accomplish it. In the mean time–drinking water and exercising will help with the skin issue a lot, as well as, losing weight slower rather than faster (WW is an excellent way to do this). You might be really surprised when all is said and done to find out you don’t have that much extra skin.

    So proud of you and your plan! That is awesome!

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